A Twelve-year Girl’s Letter To Her Mother


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Flora, a twelve-year girl writes a letter to her mother. Here is her letter.

Dear mum,

I do not know why but it made me feel happy whenever you used to say ‘my cute daughter, the cutest girl in the world ….I love you’. But did you notice that your ‘cute’ daughter is growing up, growing up in the rapidly changing world?

I’m sorry; I feel a change in my mind now.

I feel parents will be happy to see their daughter remain cute forever. But is it that sweet? I believe some cute girls should grow not to be cute in future but to be strong sacrificing even much-praised cuteness in her childhood to bring a change wherever changes are necessary. Strength has no alternative to bringing such changes. Cuteness has little to do with bringing such changes. I feel to continue and continue growing up with a change where it needs.

Recently, I started to friendship with boys which surprise all, all my friends. Their question is, “why a girl has the friendship with boys?” or why am I interested in friendship with boys? And many more. They have a lot of questions. They do not care that the boys are also my classmates. I don’t answer everyone’s question.

People talk about me a lot.

You know, I love lollipops a lot so as my friends, the boys gave me lollipops. Some of my friends say that the boy who gave me this lollipop loves me. They claimed him as my boyfriend. I answered to them that, “according to your logic, every boy should be my boyfriends. Then what do you mean? Every boy is my boyfriend?” Then they had nothing to answer. This is not their problem. This is the way how our family actively or passively teaches us to see the events of the world.

Very recently, I worked on our liberation war. People fought because they needed a free land to live peacefully. They wanted to run in a different orbit. They wanted a change. What I have learnt from it that we may also need changes to make that free land to free from UN -peaceful elements. Am I right?

You told one day that the planet earth is moving in its orbit but it is not free. The sun is pulling it. In fact, the earth is moving because the sun is pulling. If the sun stops pulling it, the earth will fly off or will vanish somewhere else.

We also are free and have the freedom to move, but will you answer whether we need any pulling force at the centre so that we are not lost. I really do not know.

You once told me to remain with the majority. But one person with a good purpose can also constitute a better majority. What should I be, a person with a good purpose or one minor member of a bad majority? Will you answer?

In a life of more than one decade, the first three and half years are covered with a deep opaque screen that I cannot see anything through it. Later, as you tell I always argued. But, just think if two persons give the same opinion, one is definitely unnecessary, isn’t it? The difference in opinion may also bring a new thing to think.

I can remember you taught me how a rainbow forms with its beautiful spectrum. Seven distinct colours stay side by side making each of them significant for forming the rainbow in the clouds. I want to be a rainbow in my sky but never in someone else’s cloud.

Your cute (!) daughter




Author: Joyeta Moietree, Student of Class Seven, Apple Tree International School, Dhaka.




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